House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat, speaks at a press conference in the U.S. Capitol. Bloomberg
The House will decide whether President Donald Trump will be prosecuted for a second time in less than two years unless Deputy President Mike Pence and Cabinet use the 25th amendment this week to remove him, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

“In defending our Constitution and our democracy, we will act urgently, because this President represents the imminent danger to both of them,” Pelosi said in a letter to Sunday to the House of Democrats. “As the days go by, fears of an attack on our democracy by this President are growing and there is an urgent need.”

Pelosi said Democrat leaders on Monday would call for a unanimous vote in the House on a resolution calling on Deputy President Mike Pence to call on the Cabinet to call for a 25th Amendment to the Constitution “to declare the President incapable of performing his duties in office.”

If the opposition has Republicans or Democrats, that decision will go down for a vote on Tuesday. After his expected pass, Pence will be given 24 hours. According to sources familiar with the matter, however, Pence has secretly refused to use the 25th Amendment as impossible.

“Next, we will continue to introduce ground-breaking legislation,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi and other members of his leadership team are holding a conference Monday afternoon to discuss the next step with the House Democrats. Voting for approvals could take place as early as Wednesday, although it may be too late for the Senate to allow an accusation to be made by President-elect Joe Biden and to handle the legislature’s priorities. At the time, Democrats would also take over the Senate.

More than 200 House Democrats on Wednesday signed into support of a court ruling accusing Trump of being a “rebel resurrection” and of committing a heinous crime and disorderly conduct, accusing him of “inciting violence against the United States government.”

The House may grant immediate leave at the time of the hearing, or it may be adjourned, but the Senate is on leave and has not been able to begin the hearing before January 19th. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office did not immediately comment on the Democratic House’s latest move.

One problem Democrats will have to weigh in to determine the next course: the Biden agenda. Once the hearing begins, the Senate will not be able to handle any business, including any other important legislation such as a pay rise to promote people appointed by Biden’s cabinet and the majority of Americans.

Advocate James Cliiburn, a member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Alliance, said Sunday that the House could observe court proceedings for about 100 days.

“Like Speaker Pelosi, I’m concerned about the impact on Biden’s administration,” Kliburn told the CNN program “State of the Union.” And maybe we’ll post this article later. ”

Biden’s revolutionary officials declined to comment on Pelosi’s letter. “The decision to charge is up to Congress,” Biden said Friday. But his inauguration would also be a quick way to oust Trump.


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