Joe Biden US President's Security Nation Council spokeswoman Emily Horn quickly said China's decision to ban all of former President Donald Trump's allies is

Joe Biden US President’s Security Nation Council spokeswoman Emily Horn quickly said China’s decision to ban all of former President Donald Trump’s allies is “futile and absurd.”

And he also said that the people and leaders of both the parties of America should very strongly condemn China for taking this step.

And shortly before the US President Biden was about to take the oath of office, China announced the ban on 27 more people by adding former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. And China still says that some US anti-Chinese politicians are spreading too much dirty violence and hatred against China because of their selfish political interests and prejudices.

And even though the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the statements of these people and politicians are not in the interest of Chinese and American people and it is well organized that randomly interferes with China’s internal affairs and it is more People have been ignoring the interests of China, they annoy the people of China and this is the reason why the Sino-US relationship gets cracked.

A statement to the agency Reuters Emily Horn said in one of her statements that “banning the day of Biden’s swearing-in is in a way an attempt to create rift and violence.”

“People associated with both parties should criticize this absurd move. And now President Biden hopes that America can soon be in a better position to defeat China, and for this he will work with the leaders of both parties. Could. ”

And till the last day of his term, Mike Pompeo had said that China has massacred Muslims by suppressing them and has committed a very big crime against humanity.

On Tuesday, when Foreign Minister Antony Blinken, who was in the Biden government, was asked about Pompeo’s statement for the news, he said that he also understands and believes this.

In Xinjiang, China has been continuously accused of torturing Vigar Muslims. China has always denied these allegations.


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