Is GDP growth slowing in the third quarter?


Is GDP growth slowing in the third quarter?

U.S. The economy grew rapidly in the third quarter, contributing to the epidemic from $ 3 trillion.
However, the economy seems to have lost momentum, with the year coming to an end as new Govt-19 cases and salaries fall.
Last year, the GDP (GDP) increased by .33.3.4%, according to the Commerce Department.

The U.S. economy grew at a rapid pace in the third quarter, giving more than $ 3 trillion in fuel to help the epidemic, the government confirmed Tuesday, but new Govt-19 cases appear to be declining as the year draws to a close. Incentives are low.

Last year, the GDP (GDP) increased by .33.3.4%, according to the Commerce Department. This is a slight improvement from the 33.1% growth recorded last month. It continues to decline by 41.4% in the April-June quarter, the highest since the government began registering in 1947.
By the end of 2019, the economy is below its 3.5% level. Researchers have voted that GDP will not grow by 33.1% in the third quarter.

The United States has re-emerged in new cases of the corona virus, which has infected more than 17.78 million people and killed more than 317,800, according to official Reuters figures. National and local governments have redefined businesses, reduced consumer spending and reopened a new wave of frequency. This awkward situation has been removed as Congress has delayed providing additional financial assistance to struggling businesses and the unemployed.

Congress on Monday approved a $ 900 billion bailout package that would pay more Americans directly and provide reform payments to the unemployed. It will expand the microfinance program and raise money for schools, airports, tourism projects and policy outreach.

There will be some concessions from additional concessions, economists say they are not enough, it is too late, they realized that there is no provincial and local assistance in this package, their budget was released due to epidemic.

Leading strategist David Kelly emphasizes the need for a new look for a new ANC because of its short-term nature, as it is clear that funding for the unemployed or small businesses will not be enough until the crisis begins. At JPMorgan Finance in New York.
The lack of independence in national and local government will lead to more relaxation in the sector in the coming months. ”

Health experts warn that despite vaccinations being given, it may take some time to protect her flock.

Consumer costs, U.S. Two-thirds of economic activity was calculated in the last quarter. However, consumption is at a very low level, with retail sales declining in October and November as domestic incomes came under pressure at the end of the weekly unemployment subsidy.

Initial applications for weekly unemployment benefits can take up to three months. GDP growth is forecast to be around 5% in the fourth quarter due to declining labor market pressures and declining household incomes. Most economists expect moderate growth or decline in the first three months of 2021.


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